New Charlie Hind Ocarina, Cynthia Smith helps with Ocarina Music in Japan 

I recently purchased a beautiful tenor ocarina from Charlie.  It is a delight to play and I will look forward to recording some new pieces on it as soon as I have time to get into my studio for more ocarina recordings.  We were able to talk on the phone several times and he is always such a delight to speak with.

Cynthia Smith and I have recently been talking about my need to write out some of my ocarina music.  It is something I hope to do some day :)  She has really helped bring my recording Ocarina…

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David Ramos 

It is a pleasure to meet a person with such enthusiasm and conviction to the development of the ocarina and all it represents!  I met David when he came up to my neck of the woods for the 2009 Ocarina Slam that was held in Seattle, WA.  I didn't know of him until the online discussions started with the organizers.  He is a young player who was introduced to the ocarina through Zelda - the Ocarina of Time video game.

Since that time I have been continually amazed and astounded by the output of videos that…

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