David Ramos

It is a pleasure to meet a person with such enthusiasm and conviction to the development of the ocarina and all it represents!  I met David when he came up to my neck of the woods for the 2009 Ocarina Slam that was held in Seattle, WA.  I didn't know of him until the online discussions started with the organizers.  He is a young player who was introduced to the ocarina through Zelda - the Ocarina of Time video game.

Since that time I have been continually amazed and astounded by the output of videos that David creates.    It is almost like an ocarina reality show!  Take some time to visit his site and you will see what I mean!  I'm looking forward to working with him in San Antonio Texas --- where both of us were born!  Must be something about San Antonio and ocarinas!  http://OcTalk.net