Nancy Rumbel - Ocarina Recording Artist & Composer

This is Nancy Rumbel's music website with information about performances, CDs, sheet music, Ocarinas, Oboe, English horn, teaching, etc....  You can sign up for her email list there.

Double Wooden Ocarinas

If it weren't for these wonderful people, I would not have the great double wooden ocarinas instruments that I now use. This is the website for the Ocarina makers Cynthia Smith and John Hartvigson.  You can find out information about their wonderful wooden double ocarinas and the story behind them.  Our history goes back many years to a performance that I did up in King Salmon Alaska!  Cynthia had her heart set on an Alan Albright ocarina and the rest is a great story on their website!!!

Clayzeness Ocarinas

It's a must visit!  Richard & Sandi Schmidt have been making and selling Ocarinas in the Pike St. Market in Seattle, WA for over 20 years.  Their hearts are made of gold and their instruments sing their love and passion for the instrument.  They hosted the first US Ocarina Slam that was held in Seattle in the summer of 2009.  They have been posting information about Ocarinas and linking us to each other from the beginning on the internet! If you get to Seattle you must visit their booth.  In the meantime order an instrument online!  Thank You Richard & Sandi!!!

Songbird Ocarinas

Be sure to visit this great site which offers a great variety of quality clay and plastic Ocarinas with a wide price range.  I was fortunate enough to get to visit their shop and pick out several instruments.  Wonderful people with an incredible sense of artistry and creativity.  Keep your eyes open for their new Ocarinas!   Songbird is a master Ocarina maker and devotee!  The website is extensive with wonderful photos and information about Ocarinas.

Wooden Sweet Potatoes and Other Ocarinas by Charlie Hind

One of the top wooden ocarina makers. I've been in touch with Charlie Hind for years and years.  I have a wonderful single four holed ocarina that plays quite sweetly.  His website is beautifully done with tons of great information. Recently while in San Antonio, I had the great opportunity to play on one of his instruments and the tone is just beautiful to my ears.   I hope to get one of his tenor ocarinas and someday one of his two octave doubles!  Even better I hope to get to visit his studio someday!!!

WoodSound Ocarina

When I first performed in South Korea in Seoul, I met Hyunil Ko who has become a wonderful friend.  He makes beautiful wooden ocarinas which you can see on his website.  They come in several sizes and are just gorgeous.  His instruments are used by performers all around the world.  He introduced me to many of the Korean Ocarina players and makers.  We had a great traditional Korean meal with Minsoo and Willy one afternoon.  I will have to share the photos!

Focalink Ocarinas

I have really enjoyed both ocarinas that are made by Zack Shih of Focalink that I acquired through Songbird Ocarinas.  Their tone is very beautiful and their scale is very even.  I don't buy an ocarina anymore unless it meets my ear for tone and pitch and also feels good in my hands while playing.  I am eager to try more of Focalink's ocarinas.   I was also impressed with the test results posted on the safe quality of the ocarina materials.  There is a great variety of styles and some are really fun.  My favorite inexpensive ocarina right now for beginners (or anyone) is their 4 holed strawberry!

Mountain Ocarinas

Although I don't own a Mountain Ocarina yet, I have spent some great time with Karl when he traveled to Seattle for the Ocarina Slam in the summer of 2009.  He makes ocarinas out of a variety of materials and in several sizes and tunings.  He has a very extensive website as well with lots of information to read and watch.  He's a serious ocarina maker and I'll look forward to reviewing his instruments once I have one to spend more time with!

STL Ocarinas

I own a wonderful 4-holed tea cup ocarina from STL.  They have a commanding web presence and have many ocarinas, music, lessons etc...  I am in touch with a wonderful ocarinist Cris Gale who plays on the STL ocarinas frequently.  There are many youtubes of her performances.